Our coaches work with you to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Leaders in PreHabilitation

Our unique approach to strength training begins with personal Functional Movement Systems (FMS) analysis combined with proprietary testing to establish baseline data. Then, our coaches work with you to achieve your personal fitness goals – while simultaneously pre-habilitating via corrective movement patterns, postural alignment and muscular imbalances that may lead to pain or injury. Moving well and reducing chronic pain is the key to developing a STRONGER YOU!

Move Better

Lose Weight

Build Strength

Increase Flexibility

Improve Balance and Coordination

Build Self-Confidence

Presley D. (pictured above)

Why Athletic Foundations is right for me…

I’ve known Mick for years from being in the Strength and Conditioning field training top level athletes. Mick’s training methods, movement analysis, and love for working with athletes make him one of the best coaches I know. Athletes working with Mick will gain an elite advantage on their competition, and will also learn fundamental sport training principles.

– Adam Potts MS. CSCS. The University of Texas Football