Move Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

PreHabilitation To Avoid ReHabilitation

Athletic Performance…Reach Your Goals.

Physical Readiness Program

Athletic Foundations understand that most people don’t care about the Olympic style lifts, high impact repetitive box jumps or shoulder destroying pull ups. Some individuals simply want to get in shape to move better, look better, and most importantly, feel better.

Athletic Training System

This program prepares athletes for the extreme forces they are subjected to while on the court or field. We train our athletes to withstand these forces through development of power, strength, agility and proper movement patterns.

Functional Movement Screenings

Athletic Foundations believes a movement screening for all potential clients is a significant part of developing a safe and effective fitness or athletic program.

The Athletic Foundations Difference

Personalized programs and exercises

Excellent coach-to-client ratios

Highly qualified & fully-accredited

Affordable alternative to personal training

Customized results-driven training programs

Programs designed for all ages and fitness levels

Understanding the Movement of Sports

At Athletic Foundations, we understand the movement of sports and how the nature of many court and field athletics can lead to muscular imbalances. These things normally go unnoticed until the athlete experiences pain – intermittent or chronic. Wherever pain is present, there is dysfunction. Our coaches work to correct these dysfunctions to help alleviate pain, as well as correct musculoskeletal imbalances that may lead to injury.